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Grosvenor Flooring is a recommended retailer and installer for Moduleo – luxury vinyl flooring. If you are interested in viewing some of Moduleo’s products, please feel free to pop along to either of our two branches where our staff will kindly assist you.

You may know Moduleo is a very similar product to Karndean and can be a great alternative if you are looking for a quality floor at a bargain price. As well as looking gorgeous, Moduleo also provides a host of practical advantages. Their floors are scratch and stain-resistant, easy to maintain, sound dampening and much more. So you don’t have to take special care with your floor and you won’t spend hours and hours cleaning it. Your visitors – as many as you want – will also love it. Moduleo opens you up to a wide choice of effect such as wood and stone finishes which include oak, wenge, teak, pine, elm, maple, concrete, slate, bluestone and granite.

Moduleo Select – Looking to select a unique design for your home?

With Moduleo Select you no longer need to choose between form and function. This floor takes your room to a new level. Moduleo Select is perfectly suited to the rough and tumble of family life, while also being easy to clean, saving you time to do something more fun.

  • 15 year guarantee
  • Wear resistant
  • Domestic quality
  • 32 stylish patterns
  • waterproof

Moduleo produces perfect acoustics in every space. A sound-damping foundation reduces a noise to a comfortable level.

Moduleo Transform – Ready to transform your interior?

Could you choose between quality, design and convenience? Thankfully, you don’t have to. The Moduleo Transform luxury vinyl floors offer added value at every level: impact-resistant, very low maintenance and gorgeous too.

  • 20 year guarantee
  • Wear resistant
  • Commercial and domestic quality
  • 60 gorgeous wood & tile designs
  • Waterproof
  • R10 slip resistant

Inspired by nature, the refreshing design and added texture create a natural appearance and touch.

Moduleo Impress – Want to be impressed?

The name of Moduleo’s latest collection immediately makes clear what the collection represents: a truly unique impression. The ’embossed in register’ procedure contributes to the true-to-nature look and feel of all the Moduleo Impress floors.

The Impress collection brings to life the smallest details of real wood, demonstrating the true beauty of nature. Impress features an incredible registered emboss texture allowing you to see and actually feel the depth of the grooves, lines and knots of the wood.

  • 20 year guarantee
  • Embossed in register
  • Wear resistant
  • Commercial and domestic quality
  • 22 wood designs
  • Waterproof
  • R10 slip resistant

Moduleo Impress floors are so strong they are used in homes, offices, hospitals and shops.

The three Moduleo ranges; Select, Transform, Impress are available in dryback and click systems which makes this product ideal and suitable for you.


Are Moduleo floors suitable for bathrooms? Absolutely. Moduleo floors are highly moisture-resistant. This makes them exceptionally well suited to moist spaces like bathrooms (but not in wet spaces like saunas and showers). Plus their floors feel warm and soft, a pleasure to bare feet!

Are Moduleo floors suitable for kitchens? Absolutely. Moduleo has a very heard-wearing top layer and is moisture-resistant. This means that a Moduleo floor is well-suited to use in kitchens. Plus our floors are very easy to clean.

Can Moduleo floors be used with underfloor heating? They certainly can. Moduleo floors feel pleasantly warm, because they quickly take on the ambient temperature. Underfloor cooling is not an issue either.

Does Moduleo floor need a lot of maintenance? Not at all. Moduleo floors are low-maintenance and, unlike some other types of flooring, very easy to keep clean. Your Moduleo floor is easy to clean with a regular broom, micro-fibre cloth, vacuum cleaner or moist cloth. Regular cleaning keeps your floor looking beautiful for longer. Always use a non-aggressive cleaning agent.

Can Moduleo floors be installed over existing floors? Yes, Moduleo floors can be installed over many types of different floors such as concrete and timber hard level floors. The floors do need to be properly prepared to ensure that they are sound, smooth, level and free from defects.

Can I install Moduleo myself? It is certainly possible to install the click version yourself. Moduleo is easy to handle and cut, we will always advise you with any information you require.


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